Me Thinks I Doth Obsess (and Draw) Too Much….

So I am revising Interlopers. As it is the first in a series of novels, I am trying to understand and create as much as I can about this world on the front end, so that I can have a greater degree of consistency in the subsequent books. This need to understand this world, even down the most minute detail, has led me to a bit of obsession, I fear.

And my obsession has led to drawings, drawings and more drawings. You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words, well these pictures certainly have been useful in helping me to pin down certain characteristics and ideas that were, until my drawings, linguistically elusive…shall we say. Sometimes, though, I wonder if I am going overboard with all of this attention to detail, or if everyone does it this way and I just missed the memo.

In the past, I have sketched characters, and this has been really useful to me. In seeing their faces on the paper before me–poorly drawn though they might be–I am better able to imagine their gestures and their facial expressions.

This morning, however, I find myself drawing the floor plans for Nate and Larissa’s–my main characters–house. In part, I am trying to make sure that I don’t have the sun somehow rising and setting on the same side of the house. Additionally, I think it will help me understand their movements through the house a little more. This is where I think I might be going overboard.

So is this normal or what?

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