The Challenge of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writing

So I tweeted about this article a couple of weeks ago, when I was thinking about my writing in the context of the larger sci-fi/fantasy genre.  That was around the same time that I also wrote the blog about thinking and obsessing so much that I do things that I shouldn’t, like start drawing. 

Well it is on my mind again today;  possibly because I was once again moved to draw.   This time, I wanted to sketch the layout of the courtyard because as I was moving my main characters through the courtyard, I was getting turned around myself. 

I think that what I am really getting at here, in terms of my obsession with detail is what Brooks calls in this article, “the integrity of the imagined world and its fundamental principles.”  I think that my obsession with the layout of the places that I am writing is perhaps a low-level manifestation of this more complex concern.   And, yeah, it is an idea that is always on my mind.  Am I making a world that others can believe in?  Is what I describe and how I describe it enough to pull the reader in and keep them enthralled? 

I see my work in the tradition of the J. R. Tolkiens and the Susan Coopers of the literary world.   When I read their novels, I get wrapped up in the beautiful, enigmatic complexity of the worlds that they created.  Shoot, Tolkien even went so far as to create his own languages.  That right there is some impressive imagining.  I, too, hope that I have created world that my readers will get wrapped up in; a world that maintains its shape and form reading after reading after reading.

I guess one of the biggest challenges is that my novel takes place in two worlds….

To be continued….

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