If You’re A Writer and You Know It…

I know that writing is not easy.  I know that the process of going from a writer, which I am, to a published authors is a challenging one.  I know that there are many different paths that one might take to achieve that transition, some more sanctioned than others.

I imagine that this goes without saying among writers, or artists of any sort for that matter, but being a writer is not something that you do.  It is who you are.  If you are a writer, you know that you are a writer, and–really–you have to write.  In fact, that may be one of the ways that you can tell that you are a writer.  Can you go the rest of your life and never write another substantial thing?  Then you are probably not a writer.   Are you drawn to writing? Compelled by it?  Must you write?  Then you are probably a writer.  Do you get a deep satisfaction from the very act itself, without needing to know that it will ever see the light of day?  Then you are probably a writer; and that’s what I am.

To be honest, I probably only really came to grips with that idea about two years ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I have always written, but  for the last few years most of my writing has always been in conjunction with my other work–a necessary element, so to speak.  It wasn’t until I did not have to write, yet still felt compelled to do so and–suddenly–recognized the gratification that I got from the process itself, that I came to understand that this was what I wanted to do with my life.  But, to quote my brother, I digress.

If you are a writer, then you are a writer, whether or not your writing ever sees the proverbial “light of day.”  I, for instance,  will continue to write stories until my last days;  and I would do that even  if I were never published.  That being said, for most writers, there will come a time when they will write a story that they believe in so much that they will want to share it with the world.  That is what I have with my Shifters Novel Series and the first book Interlopers.  (Check out an excerpt here:  http://www.shiftersnovelseries.com/series.html)  By the time that I finished the first novel, I knew that I had something special, and for the last year or so, my goal has been to find someway to bring this story into the world.

Each day there is a new challenge in this process.  As many a published author will tell you, writing the book is only the beginning.   There are many ways that the transition from a writer to a published author can be tricky and challenging.  It’s not all ice cream and roller coasters.  Well, maybe the roller coasters.

For writers, when did you know you were a writer?

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