If you have seen my website (, you may have read my bio and then you would know that I have always loved both reading and writing.  Just last week, I had a refresher course on just how long this has been my passion.  I found a journal that I kept during my teens (and as you might have guessed, no good can ever come of that).

Actually, though, something good did come from it.  Do you know what I found, as I read through the pages alternately mortified and fascinated by the person that I used to be–and in many ways still am?  Amazingly, I found the seeds of the idea that has become the Shifter Novel Series.

Most of the entries in the journal are dreams that I recorded.  In one dream, which I had more than *murmur, murmur* years ago, I dreamed about chasing a green-eyed panther through a jungle.  (Yes, I really do dream in color; don’t try to tell me I don’t 🙂 )  I also was, during the time that I was keeping that journal, thinking about writing a children’s story (granted, I was thinking about a younger age group than the target audience for Interlopers).

I had forgotten all of that.  In the years since I kept that journal, most of my fiction efforts have been focused on adult novels.  I have written one and begin many others.  Most of which I thought were good but none of which have inspired the same…joy or excitement…that my Shifters Novel Series makes me feel.  Interesting, really, that I had the idea for it so many years ago.  Finding that journal kind of reaffirms my feeling that I have come home with this series; that this series is my story to tell.

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