Here We Go…

The school is big. I mean really big. There are like almost 700 kids that go there. I guess they only have a couple of middle schools in the entire county or something. It’s a really big difference from it just being me and Ris.

I have six classes. English, History, Science, Math (Pre-Algebra), Spanish, and P. E. All of the teachers seem pretty nice so far. Ris and I are in three of the same classes. Math, history, and English. I am sort of glad about that. Ris is kind of a genius. She can help me if things start to get tough.

I guess I should mention, if it isn’t obvious already, that Ris and I are twins. Fraternal twins. I guess maybe that is obvious too. It’s weird. We are fraternal, but in a lot of ways we’re identical. Except, I look like a boy and she looks like a girl. What I am trying to say is that we look a lot alike. That’s why we are in the same classes. Not because we look alike but because we are twins. It’s not like one of us was held back or advanced or something. She’s older by, like, two minutes, but sometimes she acts like it is two whole years. It can be annoying.

Mom and dad were really excited when we got home today. They kept asking how things went, even though we told them a million times that things went fine. It was soooo obviously what they were really asking. They wanted to know if we made any mistakes. We didn’t. We were careful.

More tomorrow. I can’t believe I have homework on the first day.

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