Close Call…

Today was a close call.

 We had a pop quiz in math. We’ve only been in school for two days! What are we supposed to have learned so soon? Plus it was really long. Fifteen problems in 10 minutes. That’s almost two problems per minute, and these are Algebra equations! Well, pre-Algebra, which is almost like Algebra.

 I am not sure how I did. I was so surprised to have a test, that I spent like the first four minutes freaking out. I could practically see my heart beating, it was pounding so hard in my chest. And then, of course, I started sweating and my skin started tingling. All of which freaked me out even more, because that’s how it always is before.

That’s why I hate surprises.

 Of course, there was no reason for me to stress out. I figured that out when I finally actually looked at the test. Most of it was stuff that mom had taught us a while ago. Still, I don’t know how I did. I spent so much time freaking out that by the time I calmed down there were only a couple of minutes left. I had to rush through everything.

 If Ris noticed me freaking out, she didn’t say anything. She did say that the quiz was a breeze. Have I mentioned Ris is a genius?


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