New Kids on the Block…

Being the new kid is not too much fun. Everyone already seems to know everyone else. It is weird to realize that Ris and I have lived here all of our lives and we don’t really know anybody. People keep asking if we have just moved here. I’m at the point where I just want to say yes, because I have to keep explaining how we have been home-schooled over and over and over again. The other kids don’t understand why they haven’t met us before or even seen us out.

 Besides asking me who I am and where I am from, the other kids haven’t talked to me much. It’s weird, but I can feel them watching me. Like they are trying to figure me out. Ris and I ate together today. We sat at the end of one table where a bunch of other kids were sitting. They aren’t being mean to us or anything, but they are not exactly being friendly either. I am learning that there is one good thing about having a twin when you are a new kid. You never have to eat alone.

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