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Meet the Crew

So Ray seems cool.  He is in my grade, but he is a year older than us.  Maybe I should have mentioned that before.  Ris and I just turned ten, during the summer.  I think maybe we are a little advanced because of the home-schooling.  Come to think of that, maybe that’s why all of the kids were staring at us last week.  I guess, really, we are supposed to be in fifth grade.  Maybe that makes us weirder than the average new kid.

Anyway, Ray asked me about joining the county-wide soccer league that he plays for, and we just started talking after that.  Ray is cool, but he seems pretty serious and focused.  Like we are in the same grade, but Ray is already taking algebra classes with the seventh graders.

Yesterday, at lunch, Ray introduced me to his best friend, Eric.  They have known each other all of their lives and they have played soccer together for the last five years or something.  Eric is really funny.  He is always playing jokes and making jokes.  They aren’t all funny, but you have to laugh for his effort.   Eric and Ray are exact opposites.  It is funny that they are best friends.

Well, have to get ready for school.  More later.

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