2nd Post A. G. (After Grounding)

Not much happened in school today, so maybe I will write a little about my family.  You already know about Ris, so here’s a little about my mom and dad.

Mom is a freelance journalist. She writes about the environment and animal behaviors. Sometimes she has to go on trips to conduct “field observations” to write her articles. She’s on one now.  She left yesterday.

Being a free-lance journalist gives her a lot of time to be at home with me and Ris. She has been taking more jobs since we started at Greendale.

When mom wasn’t teaching us, dad was. Dad is a historian. He lectures at the college. He teaches courses on American history. So, sometimes he has a lot of time too. Especially in the summer. He would sometimes teach mom’s lessons if she had to meet a deadline. But dad also has his very own lessons that he teaches us on Saturdays. Yeah, that’s right.  Every weekend he makes us do extra work. Sometimes, I think my dad should have specialized in the history of torture.

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