So, If You Don’t <3 Fantasy…

A few months ago, I blogged about what I liked about the fantasy genre (here).   There, I was talking about the possibilities that fantasy has always represented to me.  That the world can be anything that you want it to be; that anything was possible in the worlds inside of fantasy novels.  That the world wasn’t just  what I saw each day, but that there was so much more beneath the unscratched surface.   That, alone, was enough to draw me to the genre again and again.

Recently though, I have had to think of a different way to talk about my book, Interlopers:  A Shifters Novel.  Before, when people asked me about it, I would say that my main characters, Nate and Larissa, were shape-shifters–were-panthers to be more precise–and that hi-jinks ensue as is to be expected when you have twins that are shape-shifters.  This alone would be enough to draw me to the novel.

However, I have discovered that this explanation is not enough for people that have not always been fans of fantasy.  I have had to try and think about different ways to talk about the story that have nothing to do with the fantasy aspects of the novel (and it has been hard to figure out a way to talk about it because there are some many different strands to the novel and so many surprises that I don’t want to give away inadvertently).  So lately, I have been thinking a lot about my characters, who they are and how they change over the course of the novel; because, even as I was writing a fantasy novel, I was also determined to create characters that were real.    Characters whose actions and ideas made sense and rang true.

If you have been reading the blogs “written by” Nate, you have a sense of who this kid is, smart, kind, but also rebellious and questioning.  He’s not afraid to break the rules, especially the one’s that don’t make any sense to him.  Interlopers, along with the novels that will follow, is his story.  It is about Nate trying to understand where he fits and who he should be when the foundations of his world basically crumble beneath his feet.

There’s more; that’s just a teaser really.  (I probably should mention that literary analysis is my forte 🙂 😉 ) But I am not going to post everything that I think the book is about, because really I am curious to hear your thoughts.  A bunch of you already have the book; a bunch more will have it soon.  I want to hear what you think the book is about.   Maybe I will post the rest of my thoughts at a later date.

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