Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone had a good holiday.  Mine was swell. 🙂

So, back in December, I posted this invitation over on the Facebook page.  So far, in the book signings and readings that I have attended, I have been introducing the work to the audience–so most of the folks who are there have not read it yet.  I love those audiences and all of these experiences have been great so far, but I also really want to talk to people who have read the book.  Judging from the reviews that have been appearing on Amazon, that audience is growing.  So I invited those of you that have read the book to post your questions for me–a virtual book club if you will.

So far I have gotten a couple of questions about Nate from Angela B.

Does Nate eat a lot?  Yes, Nate eats a lot.  Besides being a teenager, Nate’s shifter appetite and metabolism require him to consume huge amounts of meat, even when he is human form.   It is one of the things that has been hardest for him to hide.  The amount of meat that he has to eat would look…strange–to say the least–to most humans.

Can he cook?  Not according to Larissa.  lol.  But, seriously, he can do the basics.  He’s a genius at sandwiches.   I mean…it’s only meat, lots and lots of meat, on bread, but  Nate’s  a pro.

And does he have a cell phone?  Nope.  Actually,  no cellphones for anyone in the Pantera house.  If you think this has something to do with their being shifters, you are right.

…a Nintendo DS? No to this too.  The Panteras don’t have a lot of electronics in the house.  They really have just the basics.  This is in part due to the way that Anna Pantera was raised.  It also has to do with the fact that too many electronics would be a little overwhelming.  Do you know that high pitched noise that certain electronics make, or even the quiet rumble of the refrigerator?  Imagine that amplified dozens of times over.   Irritating, right?  That’s how loud those noises would sound to a shifter.  So the Panteras keep that stuff to a minimum in their house.  Nate does have an mp3 player….would it surprise you if I said that I am still not sure how he manages to bear it?

Thanks for the questions Angela B.  Keep ’em coming!  🙂

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