Video Blogs…etc…etc….

This will be quick.

I was talking to a friend the other day, asking him if he had read my most recent blog.  Now this friend is a self-proclaimed “not-a-reader”, so his answer, of course, was no.  Then he said to me that I should make a video blog, so that he can listen to my blogs while he does other things.

I have to admit, the idea intrigued me.  I briefly considered subscribing to his newsletter.  Then,  the more I began to think about the idea, the more the thought of it troubled me.  I am, after all, a writer.  If, I were to began to post video blogs, wouldn’t that be implicit surrender, the literary equivalent of waving the white flag and giving up on the idea that people will read something that is written.  And that got me thinking about another thing….

Which is that though I have the highest aspirations for my novels, I don’t really want people to know what I look like.

Strange. I know.

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