Fall is in the Air…

And I love it!  Ok, so maybe that is a little wishful thinking, but the mornings are definitely getting cooler–and a writer can dream, can’t she?Fall is absolutely my most favorite season.  Yes,”most favorite”, I love it that much.  I love the fall holidays–especially Halloween (because who doesn’t like free candy?).  I love watching the scorpion chasing Orion through the night sky (haven’t seen the scorpion yet, but Orion is starting to shift his position).  Most of all, I love the gorgeous weather.  Crisp days, with just enough chill to warm your cheeks.  Sharp breezes that sweep away the lingering heat of the summer.  I just feel lighter in the fall.  Plus, during the fall, the sky is the most amazing shade of blue here.

My fall is shaping up to be a busy one.  I have my first reading in a mere two weeks at the Decatur Book Festival, and then there is a festival or speaking engagement every other week until the end of October.  (Not too bad for an author still wet behind the ears.)

For a complete list of my readings and the answer to the burning question of when I will be in a town near you, check out my Calendar.   All of these festivals are free and open to the public.  More will be added to the list soon, I am just waiting on some confirmations.  Meanwhile, if you will be in Atlanta, Chicago, Costa Mesa, or Nashville for any of these festivals, stay tuned.  We are going to do some pretty cool giveaways in conjunction with the events.

I look forward to meeting new readers and established fans over the next few months.  Join me on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates.  Ready or not, Fall, here I come.  🙂

But before you go to do that, tell me, what’s your favorite thing about Fall?

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