Absolutely True…DBF

This will be brief, because I am exhausted.

Today was the reading.  Before that though, I went around to several booths, spoke with local bookstore owners and organizations and left some information with them.  Then, I got my street team to help me hand out bookmarks (more on that in a later blog), and raffle tickets ahead of the reading.  Finally, it was my turn to read.

I had a good crowd.  Maybe about 25-30 people.  All of the chairs were filled.  I read from the section of the novel where Ray confronts Nate about the mysterious abilities that he seems to have.  It’s a good section, early on the the book and self-apparent, so it does not need a lot of explanation.  It felt like a blur, because we weren’t given a whole lot of time.  But the audience seemed engaged throughout.  At the  end, I raffled of a copy and was psyched when the winner was a young middle-school aged boy.  🙂

In the end though (and because this is absolutely true confessions), I did not sell one copy of my book all weekend.   There is definitely disappointment in that–and it’s a first for me.  But, like I said the other day, exposure is the name of the game.  I may not have sold any copies today, but perhaps the people who heard me read will keep me in mind and make a purchase at a later date.  You never can be sure of the long term effects of these things.

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