Absolutely True…Revisions

Authors don’t get many days off.   Think that becoming a published author will get you out of your nine to five?  You may be right, if you are really lucky and very successful.  But even if you do end up with enough success to leave your day job behind, what you have traded it in for is a 24/7/365 gig.  If I am not working on book three, I am revising sections of the manuscript for book two. And even when I am not physically sitting at my desk, I am turning ideas over and over in my mind.

Revisions are normally my favorite part of the work.  With revisions, you already have the whole story.  You have the start, the end, and most of the middle pieces.  After that, all you have to do is fill in the gaps.  Today, I worked for several hours and only made my way through one chapter.  That is slower than my usual pace, but I think that’s because I was also dashing off a lot of notes about the arch of the novel as well as sharpening my character concepts.

In book two, we get a lot more of Bailey, the mysterious green-haired shifter, and some other characters who were only introduced in Interlopers.  All of these characters are going to play rather important roles as the series progresses.  So I have been delving more into their characters, making sure that I understand what makes them tick.  It is interesting, because I already know where these characters end up…two books down the line.  But though I can envision them and the penultimate choices that they make, I am still sussing out their motivations for making such choices.  And I have to do more of that this time around for the simple fact that they are so central to the plot of this novel.

So, even though I haven’t done a whole bunch, page-wise, I think that I made some pretty good strides today.  I am not even done yet.  In fact, now that I think of it…back to the mines.

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