ATC…Slackerdom and Executive Decisions

I did not get much accomplished today in the way of revisions.  I did, however, get the promotional materials for the 57th Street Children’s Book Fair and get my house straightened up so that it will be nice and neat when I return.

I also made an executive decision.  After this latest round of touring, which ends October 30 unless I do that book fair in November, I am retiring readings from Interlopers:  A Shifters Novel.  I have the new material from book #2 that I am eager to begin reading.  Also, by that point, I will have been doing Interlopers readings for a year, and I am kind of eager to start sharing some of the newer material. It is kind of where I am with the characters, so I want to share their new journeys with my readers.

Well, I think I will keep this short and sweet.  There are a few waking hours left.  Maybe  I can get some writing done after all.

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