So, technically, this is the second to last day of my 30-day challenge.

I worked on more revisions.  I have felt unexpectedly focused during this trip.  I normally don’t get as much writing done when I am out promoting, but this time has been different.  Let’s hope that continues.  I also got organized for tomorrow.    It’s going to be an early day tomorrow, because I have to make the drive down to the Costa Mesa; so I have to turn in early tonight.

I did take something of a break today to do some L. A.ish stuff.  I have only been to L. A. one other time, and I wasn’t able to see a lot of the touristy places.  So this time, I just wanted to see some of those things.  I saw the Hollywood sign.  It was an adventure to drive through the Hollywood hills with my intrepid guide.  Plus, I saw a random coyote, which was so kind to pose for me.  Only in L. A.






Other L. A.ish Pics:


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