Interlopers Cover Reveal and Scavenger Hunt!

Go Interlopers…it’s your birthday

and we’re going to party like it’s your birthday,

going to scavenger hunt like it’s your birthday,

because we’re so happy that it’s your birthday!

My first book, Interlopers, is two years old today!

 For the occasion, the E-book gets to be all dolled up with a new cover!*

Isn’t it Amazing!

But that’s not all.   I am also giving away some brilliant party favors.

Interlopers Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway!

Twenty-seven fabulous bloggers have come out to party with me.  Visit each of their blogs to pick up the next clue in the scavenger hunt.

So check out this wonderful BATCH of bloggers and enter for your chance to win awesome Shifters Nation Swag!

(Previous) SupaGurl Books                                                           (Next) Sniffer Walk

*courtesy of Emma Michaels, author and graphic designer extraordinaire.

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