skinless Celebration–Luca’s Playlist

skinless: A Novel in Three Parts is coming soon (at the end of the month! #mccauleyculkinhomealoneface), and I am so excited for you to read part two. To help get you ready for it, I want to share some of things that have been so much a part of my writing for this book. First off, music is always really important. It helps me get inside my characters’ heads. It was especially important with Luca, because I am writing about a guy who’s head over heels for a girl (this is a first for me). Plus, it’s first person. I know all about what it feels like to be head over heels from a woman’s perspective, but I know for sure that it’s not the same for a guy. That’s where the playlist came in.

I have pretty eceletic tastes: alternative/rock, boy bands (of the 90s persuasion), rap, pop, Jpop and more, and Luca made me tap into all of them. Here are just a few of the songs that might help you understand who Luca is, whether you’re meeting him for the first time or getting to know him better.

Part I

These songs were anthems for Luca in part one. The bittersweet hopefulness gets exactly at the heart of his and Ankh’s relationship. I’m always rooting for Luca and even though I’m telling the story, that doesn’t mean that my characters tell me anything about how things are going to turn out.

Part II

These two are kind of like polar opposites. If these songs tell you anything, they should tell you that things really go down in part two. Strange things, scary things, things I’m not sure Ankh and Luca can recover from.

Did that wet your whistle? Are those the songs you would have chosen for our intrepid hero?

Check out more of the music that makes Luca here. You might even get some hints as to what happens in part three.

Check back next Friday for another skinless celebration (that sounds so dirty) post, and while you’re waiting for skinless (Part II), read skinless (Part I) for free.

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