skinless Finale Coming Soon!

LB3-2“He’s been with me through all of these strange cities and lonely countryside. Without him, I would never have made it this far.” -Ankh

All of the secrets are out.

All of the clues are deciphered.

All of the questions are answered.

Now, all that is left is war.

The exciting, stunning finale of skinless: A Novel in III Parts!


Download Part I for free through Labor Day.


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2 responses to “skinless Finale Coming Soon!

  1. That’s really great! Sounds exciting, I’m happy for you that you’ve got your book together and you’re getting it out there, takes a lot of courage and commitment. It’s inspiring to see other writers succeeding =)

    • Hi Pearson,
      Thanks so much for your post! Putting something you’ve created out into the world is always a scary thing, but being able to share my stories makes it worth it.

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