I Tried to Warn Her

Them woods.  You want to  run in them woods at this time of day.  I’d think twice about that if I were you, young lady.

Why?  Why?  Cause gals like you tend to go missing in them woods.  No, no, I’m not joshin’ ya.  I wouldn’t tease such a serious young woman like you.  Girls are always going into them woods and going missing and they ain’t never found again.

Like who?  Well there was Sara from over in Dorset County.  I knew Sara–know her momma and her daddy too–and Sara knew them woods, or so she thought.  But them woods, things change in them.  You think you’re seeing one thing, but it’s somethin’ else entirely.

Like, you see that?  That over there.  Looks like a tree stump, right.  But sometimes, if you look at it different, when the light’s just right, it’s somethin’ else.  Somethin’ alive and not of heaven or earth, but maybe from hell.  Yeah, you see it now, don’t you.  How it looks like something between a wolf and a fox.   And I’ll tell you what, I’ve seen it move.

Yes, ma’am, I have.  Seen it move in the moonlight, just as bold as the Gentleman himself.   Those woods changed on Sara and she didn’t never come out, and they never found any part of her either.  Tore her mama and her daddy up.

Young lady, young lady, listen to me now.  I’m tellin’ you, don’t go in them woods.  Definitely not by yourself; not even with a friend.  There’s strange noise in them woods.  I hear all the time.  I’ve been livin’ across from them all my life.

Naw, naw.  Not ghosts.  Not “WOOOOOOOOOO!!!” or anything like that.   Somethin’ else, somethin’  scarier.  I play my television loud a night so I won’t have to hear it.

Well now, I can’t quite describe it.   It’s kind of like whispers, where you can never hear quite what they’re trying to say.

I’m tryin’ to tell ya, miss.  It’s not just the wind.  It’s not just the trees.  It’s them things.  The ones that change the woods; the ones that change in the woods.  They the ones makin’ that noise.  Whisperin’ over what they done to all them young girls.  Whisperin’ over what they’ll do to the next.

Miss.  Miss.  Come back!  Ain’t ya heard a word I said.

A quick jog?  A quick jog is all them woods need to eat you alive and swallow you whole.


Yeah, I seen it.  It’s too bad for her folks.

Yup, I knew her.  New to town.  Wanted to go for a jog.

I tried to tell her.  Yes, ma’am, I did.  I tried to warn her.

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