L. M. Davis is a YA/MG author who writes about shapeshifters, aliens, immortals, and witches. She loves great storytelling and needs nothing more than a good book and a comfy chair to be happy.  L. M. Davis was born in the south, raised in the north, and has a few English degrees under her belt. She doesn’t like to admit it, but she may have something of a “shifter” fetish. She has finally gotten her cat. She’s not black, like she imagined, but grey and white, with blue eyes.  She’s a little devil.   

She is the author of Interlopers: A Shifters Novel, Posers: A Shifters Novel, and skinlessForgers, the third book in her Shifters Novel series, is forthcoming.


Closer Look: The State of Black Science Fiction

Art & Life with L. M. Davis

The Writer’s Voice: Interview with L. M. Davis


5 responses to “Bio

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  3. Cecilia

    I read your entry in Black Sci-Fi’s website about Black Super heroes and had to ask your opinion on the recasting of Raising Dion. It seems like I’m bringing the Elephant in the room but it boggles my mind that the original and what’s on Netflix is obviously way different. Then, there was no explanation as to why. I’m talking beyond the shade of the actors.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment and I hope that you enjoyed the piece. Casting choices are way above my pay grade (at least with regards to this project). I do believe I read that the original was filmed multiple years ago (2015), so the original actors (especially the young boy) are older and maybe not as suited to the roles at this point. Now as to the choices for the new cast, I definitely believe that there is space for the conversations that are happening around the choices that were made and I believe in representing the full spectrum of black beauty on screen. I think that thoughtful critique can only help our future productions get better and better.

      • Ceci

        Awesome viewpoint and I agree. Didn’t know it was tapped that far back too. I took a look for myself and Dion gave me mini heart attacks lol. Can’t wait to see what they do with the project because so far, I’m hooked.

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