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Southern Festival of the Book

Today I woke up early in the morning, after barely even going to sleep, to travel to Nashville for the Southern Festival of Books.  I am still working on just two hours of sleep in the last 40 or so hours and I am pretty close to delirium (so that potentially makes for a funny post), but I have had such a wonderful experience that I just have to write a little something about it.

My panel today was with Amanda Havard, author of The Survivor series.   Between the two of us, it was fantasy, YA, world-building synergy.  Different approaches and perspectives, but they dovetailed so well, and I really think that our audience got a lot out of it.  The tone of SoFestofBooks is different from most of the book festivals I have been to so far.   There was such a thoughtfulness about the questions and the discussion that every panel became this really informative event.

Tayari Jones signed my copy of her newest book, Silver Sparrow.  Our sessions ran concurrently, so I did not get to see her speak, but we had a nice little chat afterwards.  (I admit it:  I am still, at my core, a total author groupie.  There are writers whose work I love, and if given the opportunity, I will always ask for an autograph.  Authors are my rock stars  :D.)

More later.  I really should get some sleep.

In honor of my southern roots:  Night Y’all.

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