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Absolutely True Confessions…Character Development

So more with the revisions, with a bit of promotional prep work thrown in.  For the last couple of days, I have been working on Charlie.  Charlie is one of the characters that was introduced in Interlopers, but who readers will get to know more as Nate gets to know her in book #2 (Book #2, by the way, has a name; but since it is not a 100% go yet, I will keep calling it book #2).  So, what I am figuring out about Charlie is that she and Nate have similar battles to fight, but they fight them differently because of who they are.

Charlie is a smart girl, but she is really naive, trusting, and kind, so sometimes she comes across as a little vapid.  She has a good heart though, and she is not oblivious to everything that is happening around her.  She just does not know how to deal with it.  She is not confrontational in the same way that Nate is, and that makes her an easy target sometimes.  Even as I am reworking these chapters, I even feel a little sorry for her.

Some writers, when they talk about this process, describe it as the characters talking to them; as though they have these opportunities to sit across the table with their characters and have a nice, intimate, little chat.  For me, it is more like being inside of my character’s heads.  We are not having a conversation, I am just along for the ride.

It has been a couple of good days.   I think that I understanding Charlie, Blanche, and Bailey a little more, which is great.  The more I understand about my characters, the better I can convey them in my books.

I soldier on…

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