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Absolutely True…

So, for some reason, my attempts to give away two copies of my book were a complete flop.  The giveaways I devised were relatively uncomplicated.  All that they required were for people to retweet a post or to post their name in a facebook thread.  I got nothing.  Not one entry.  My thought is that people always like free things…so it’s disconcerting when it is this hard to give away a copy of my work.  The same thing happened when I tried to give away copies around the time that the book was initially released.  That time I got two entries.  Both were automatic winners.  I think I will do a raffle tomorrow.  And clearly I need to work on the art of the giveaway.

So far, the festival has pretty good.  DBF is different from the other book fairs/festivals that I have attended so far, in that I do not have my own booth.  In some ways, that’s a bad thing.  I don’t have the chance to interact with potential readers the way that a dedicated booth space would allow.  On the other hand, this leaves me free to get out and meet other writers and exhibitors, because I don’t have to be stuck behind a table all day.

Today,  I saw a couple of really interesting writers on the Emerging Authors Stage.  One was a twelve year old boy who has written a sci-fi/fantasy novel and has recently finished the sequel.  His name is Will Mathison, and he has pledged to donate the proceeds from the sales of his first novel The Last of Kal to Relay for Life.   I also heard Earline Pitts, who has written a book of poetry inspired by meditations about her garden.  It brought to mind, a little, Alice Walker and her declarations about the peace, solace and creativity that women can find and express through their gardens.

While I was there, I handed out a few bookmarks, but I did not stay very long.  (SN:  I love my bookmarks and they look great, but they are not the best advertising tool.  Maybe I will do a whole blog on that in the upcoming week.)  I still had a few things to take care of for tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be the real day of work.  Tomorrow I will be meeting bookstore owners, inviting them to my readings, and other such networking.

So, tomorrow is my big day.  Looking forward to it.  I have the passage selected, but I need to have a street team.  I need someone to take pictures and someone to hand out bookmarks and raffle tickets.   Guess I need to get on the phone, and I still am not sure what I will wear.  If you are in ATL, hope to see you tomorrow at the Emerging Authors Stage.


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