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Absolutely True Confessions…

Today, I took a break from revisions to create a Reader’s Guide for Interlopers.  The idea of a reader’s guide was brought up in one of the meetings that I had earlier this week.  It was something that had been mentioned to me before and I had actually started working on one in the past…but I never got it done.  I will need it soon though.

Today, I finished it!

It wasn’t that hard. Asking questions about texts is pretty much right up my alley.  My reader’s guide includes a brief summary of the book, a glossary of some of the unfamiliar terms, and 10 questions with possible responses.  The guide with answers is specifically for teachers that might adopt my book into their class curriculum. I will tweak it a little more tomorrow and I will probably post it to my website pretty soon.

A reader’s guide is a really good tool for writers of Young Adult specifically.  The guide can be used in classrooms, for book clubs, and–heck–it might even prove useful for your appearances.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the revisions.

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