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skinless Finale Soundtrack

Music was such a part of writing this novel.  Every part had me scouring for music to invoke the mood or emotion, and there was so much emotion in the Finale–parts that it made my heart hurt to write.  Before Part II, I wrote about Luca’s playlist, so this time I share a little of the playlist for Ankh and Luca.  skinless is, after all, a love story, as one reviewer noted, and every love story has a soundtrack.

This is where the Finale starts, and if you’ve read Part II, you know why this song is so Ankh in the first chapters of the conclusion. I don’t know if it’s kismet or serendipity this song, which is the opposite of the last song on Luca’s playlist in sentiment, is so close to it in title.

There’s so much I want to say about this song, but I can’t.  Too many spoilers.

One of the things I love about Ankh and Luca as a couple is that they are fight for each other.  These two songs are kind of the essence of the strength that they find in each other.

These songs were on constant repeat as I wrote the love and battle scenes of the Finale.  Can you feel it?

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