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It’s So Hard…

…to say goodbye. 

I am probably the only person in the known world that has not gone to see the final Harry Potter movie yet.  (Ok, so maybe that is a bit of an overstatement but ,given that the movie has earned an estimated 168 million just this weekend, not by much.)  And here is the funny thing, I am not really rushing to the nearest movie theater to see it either.

Now, I am that girl who was at the midnight showings for movies 3-7 part one.  I pre-ordered my copies of The Deathly Hallows and Half-Blood Prince and I went to a midnight party to celebrate the release of the final book (albeit, not in costume).  Once it was in my hot little hands, I spent the next day and half sitting in my favorite chair, reading the book from cover to cover. My point is, I am enamored of this series.  I have followed it eagerly, hungrily, breathlessly, since I was first introduced to the novels in 2001.  And I have to say that the anticipation was an important and wonderful part of the experience for me.  The excitement of cracking open a long awaited new chapter in the book series; the enthusiasm with which I looked forward to each film;  all of that is wrapped up in my mind as a part of what Harry Potter has been for me.  It’s for that reason that I am not so excited to see this final installment of the series–in fact, to be honest, I am a little reluctant.

To go and sit in that theater, and to watch The Deathly Hallows:  Part II, the last of the films based on the books which have been a part of my readerly life for more than a decade, represents a finality in a way that even reading the novel did not.  Even as I read the concluding chapters of The Deathly Hallows and learned the fate of Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Ginny, George…etc…etc, there was still, in my mind, something to look forward to.  There were more movies to be made and, in a way, new stories to be told (because of how each film maker brings their own interpretation to the material).  I would still be able to see Harry, Hermione, and Ron through a fresh lens, with each film release (and this is even more true because of the way that the actors have grown up on screen; with each film there was a sense newness, though the characters and the story were so familiar.)

With the Deathly Hallows, as the recent trailers and movie posters have proclaimed–It all ends. 

There will be no more books.  There will be no more movies.   There will be nothing more to await and eagerly anticipate–as far as Harry, Hermione, and Ron are concerned.  For that reason, I think that I might  put it off a while longer.  Savor the anticipation for a few days more,  for this one last time.  Then I will go and say a proper farewell to the characters and the series that I have loved.

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