AnCaela Murphy’s body is a ticking bomb that only her mom can defuse. The problem: her mother is missing and presumed taken by the Skinless, bogeymen from Ankh’s home world who have been hunting her and her mother for two years–ever since they fled that world and certain death.With help from Luca, a boy whose touch confuses and who refuses to back down, Ankh races against time to find her mother before the bomb inside of her detonates, taking her life. Tracking the Skinless across the country, the pair search for her mother and uncover the horrifying truth behind the generations-old war.

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After a night where all of his nightmares came true, Nate fights for his life in the world he swore he would never return to: Panteria. Nate is not alone in this fight. Though the mining has ceased, the damage is done and Panteria is on the brink of destruction. As Nate and Larissa cross worlds and dimensions searching for answers that might save their land, a storm brews in the north bringing war and death to everyone and everything they love.

After the strangest summer of their lives, Nate and Larissa prepare to face their biggest challenge yet: High school. With jocks who seem intent on making Nate’s life miserable, the reappearance of the mysterious green-haired shifter (now with new and improved blue hair), and Charlie, the new girl, who affects Nate in the weirdest way, it’s shaping up to be a doozy!Greendale High isn’t the only place in turmoil; Panteria is dying and only the Pantera twins can save it. Will Nate to return to the world that he has sworn to hate before it’s too late?

Make sure to clean up your messes.Keep the cat in the house.Fraternal twins Nate and Larissa Pantera know all about strange rules. They’ve grown up with plenty of them, and they have always obeyed those rules without question.

However, disturbing things are starting to happen–both at home and at school. And when their parents go missing and a strange messenger appears, the twins discover that the only way to save them is by breaking all the rules.

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