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Seeing Is Believing (Part I)

At last they’ve arrived.  It felt like I’d been waiting forever, even though I only ordered them last week.  Maybe it’s because I had to save up the money for eight months and after that I decided to wait another three until the latest model came out.

I ripped open the package, tearing through the cardboard while those little s-shaped packing pieces rained to the ground.  My fingers grazed the top of the titanium colored case.  It was cool and so smooth to the touch that it almost slipped from my fingers when I pulled it out.  My heart pounded in my chest at the case that sparkled like some tortured, starving vampire in the sun, and I grinned.   Finally, I had them.  Finally, my friends couldn’t  tease me anymore for not have the InfoComTM integrated visual information systems.  For what seems like years, they’d been passing jokes, pictures, notes, and dirty pictures back and forth to each other in, literally the blink of an eye, while bugging me to get them too.  It’s not my fault my parents are broke and I had to earn the money for myself.

I twisted off the cover.  Inside the case in a clear sanitizing liquid, the lens swam.  A slight, silvery sheen moved back and forth over their surface.  I’d read all about it: about the hundreds of thousands of nano circuits that comprised each lens and about  how they used the faint electric currents from our bodies to power  the cutting edge  operating system.  I reached to touch them but  I’m nervous.  My hand froze, hovering about them.

In the house, I ran back to my room to wash my hands.  For good measure, I splashed them with a bunch of alcohol too.  With fingers shaking so hard I thought I was going to poke my eye out, I put the first one in.  The second is a little easier.  Both in, I closed my eyes and counted to thirty to let the system boot up.

At first nothing changed;  just a little blurry vision.   Every couple of seconds, light flashed somewhere just outside my field of vision.  I turned my head, searching for the source, but there was never anything there.  I closed my eyes again, squeezing the shut.  Before I could count to twenty, I felt it.  It wasn’t anything at first; a twinge I almost though I was imagining. But then I felt it again, where the lens skimmed the edges of my eyeball.   Something was definitely happening.

I jumped off of my bed and grabbed the comic off the corner of my desk.  I hold it in front of my face and focus on the title.  Instantly, information streamed before my eyes; everything that I could ever want to know about the series, the creators, and the comic universe.

I tossed that book aside and picked up another and another.  For each one, streams of information appeared before my eyes.  Photos of other comics, videos from the movies, wiki files.

It was so cool.  I couldn’t wait to see what else they could do.

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